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Can you sense the enormous changes that are occurring within you, others and Mother Earth Herself? These are transformational times for every person who chooses to become more accountable for their return to Wholeness.  

Collectively, we are watching the demise of old paradigms. Individually, we have agreed to be on the Earth at this time for various reasons. Some folks simply want to watch events unfold; some wish to participate in their own unique way either by helping/healing themselves or, once that is accomplished, by reaching out to assist others.  

We took on a huge mantle of responsibility by agreeing to don a physical body at this time. We were shown the challenges and the rewards of this particular mission and still thought it would be to our advantage to be here now. Many have lost the awareness that this was their choice and therefore feel hopeless, purposeless and confused. I assure you, you knew precisely what you were doing when you chose this physical embodiment and your choices were impeccable as far as their ability to move your evolution along at warp speed. You do have license to re-evaluate, remediate and recalculate your choices/mission at any time -- this may, however, require effort, focus and determination on your part.

Hier Consciousness is a positive, innovative approach to your return to the State of Wellness in many dimensions of your life: physical, emotional, financial, mental, environmental and spiritual. The powerful blend of various ancient healing modalities provides illumination in the areas of self-knowledge and inner growth as well as restorative therapy for your house, office and environment.

Rediscover your purpose, direction and joie de vivre!
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