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My life work (Light Work) is devoted toward helping people see clearly, in living Technicolor, that you are the light of the world made manifest. For over 35 years, I have been exploring, learning and mastering subjects that could support me in my endeavor to drive this simple fact home in any way that made sense to the seeker.

My initiation into the subtle world of energy healing came at an early age when I studied the art of Hand Analysis. Additional initiations then came fast and furiously as I studied and mastered Astrology and Numerology – all extraordinary tools.  

Thriving on that which is balanced and beautiful, I next wove Interior Decorating into my tapestry of skills. As I grew in understanding and compassion, doors opened for me in several healing modalities – color therapy, the ability to channel the life-affirming messages of Angels and Ascended Masters, the ancient wisdom of the I Ching: A Book of Changes, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing and communication with the Mineral Kingdom - each new discipline was intertwined with the wisdom of the Laws of the Universe. In turn, these Laws or Principles brought a greater depth, clarity and strength to my work.

The study and practice of the ancient art/discipline of Feng Shui was next on my learning agenda. I have studied with several of the greatest Compass Method Feng Shui teachers and Masters of our time. After years of practice, I have become an expert in this field as well. Wishing to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for Feng Shui, I owned and operated Feng Shui boutiques in northern New Jersey. These locations functioned as centers of light and learning for the community.

Moving forward to this stage of my enfoldment, I understand each of us is being called upon to be greater than the “parts” we have so diligently cultivated. Now, it is important to be the sum of all that we have learned and integrated, therein, expanding our sense of Cosmic Awareness and Limitlessness.

We must each use our skills wisely and for the benefit of the common good.

I offer you a joyful heart, dedicated to contributing to the realization of your magnificence.  
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